[EXAMPLE] Fanatec CSW 2.5 w/ BMW Wheel

This is a two year old Fanatec CSW 2.5 wheel base with a BMW wheel that is about five years old.

The wheel and wheel base still work perfectly as you can see in the video but the wheel certainly shows some wear on the suede.

I would be willing to sell them separately. Please contact me if you would like to arrange this.

What I Liked
To me this has been the best "all around" wheel, meaning it goes seamlessly from being in a stock car at Daytona to driving an F1 car at Barcelona. Because of this, I never felt compelled to have a wheel for open wheel cars and a wheel for bigger stock cars or sports cars.

The force feedback of the CSW 2.5 is impeccable when you get your settings right. This can often take a bit of reading and tweaking but since finding my "sweet spot" a couple years ago, the only tweak I make is the actual force feedback setting in iRacing depending on the car I am driving.

What I Disliked
I often feel like there is a bit of "play" between the wheel and the base. I have often tried to make sure everything is tight but this is just how the couplings were designed. Its really not noticeable when driving, but when stationary you may play with the wheel and feel it. Other than that, this really is the best entry level-high-end wheel and base.

PARTS Included:
- wheel base
- BMW Wheel
- Power cable
-USB cable
- Three base screws for attaching to sim rig

PARTS Missing:
- The 20° mounting adapter underside wheel base attachment to change the angle that it sits on your sim rig. See attached STOCK Photo for this piece.


Product Condition: Used - Good Condition
Brand: Fanatec
Wheel Type:
Sports Car
Stock Car
Formula Car
Vintage Car
Wheel Base Type:
Belt Driven
Gear Driven
No Force-Feedback
Wheel Clamp
Listing created Sep 24, 2020

Public discussion (5)

Parker K

1 years ago

Thanks all for viewing my listing. Please send offers directly but feel free to ask me questions here

Joshua M

1 years ago

Had a CSW wheel for a couple of years, found it to be a solid base, and maintained its value quite well! Great mid-range wheelbase if you are graduating from an "Intro" wheelbase like the G29 or TMX, but not wanting to spend money on a DD wheel! Not to mention the cross-compatibility of the add-on wheels between Fanatec bases.

Alex G

6 months ago

I might be interested just in the wheel base what would you take for just the base ?

Chad w

6 months ago

Still available

eRacr Market ™

6 months ago

This is an example listing and is not for sale.

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