Information about eRacr

How it works

How It Works

Here you can find information about how eRacr works. Please note we are currently in Alpha V.01 and are very open to suggestions or feedback. Please contact us via the chat in the bottom right anytime 24/7/365, or send us an email:  

How do I sell on eRacr?

You will simply create an account and list an item following our guidelines and requirements for listing an item. It takes less than a minute to complete (If you have your video ready). 

*At this time each listing must be approved by an admin before it will publish on the marketplace. 

This process usually will only take a few minutes but can take up to 24 hours. If there are any issues with a listing, we will alert you, so you can fix it and get approved. 

Listing Requirements

You must complete the Stripe On-Boarding Form for a listing to be approved!

  • Short Description - Have fun with this, remember sim racing is fun!
  • What I Liked - Describing what about the item worked well
  • What I Disliked - Describing what about the item you didn't think worked well
  • Parts Included 
  • Parts Missing
  • Video Description - Please use the video to show the item, show that it WORKS and any of the issues the item may have! 

 What does it cost to sell on eRacr?
We charge the industry standard 10% of the total price of the transaction or minimum transaction fee of $1.99. This is because as a company we work tirelessly to promote the products listed, interact with the community and make sure that every transaction is safe and completed in a timely manner.
In addition we offer eRacr verification for products that are shipped, which is our service to verify that a product is in working order. The cost of this is $5.00 and is charged at the time of a sale. We highly recommend using eRacr verification as a way for the community to trust what you're selling. 

How does eRacr Verification Work? 

*Currently all items go through admin approval and are therefore are eRacr Verified until further notice. 
How do I get paid on eRacr? 
You must complete the Stripe On-boarding Form to post a listing and to receive payment.

Once a buyer starts a transaction, then as a seller you must accept their payment. The buyer then has to mark the transaction complete (Meaning they received the product or it was to their satisfaction). If they don't mark it complete after 14 days. The transaction will be completed automatically. 
How do I buy on eRacr? 
Browse the available items, if you find what you want. Click the buy button or contact the seller to negotiate a better price.

How do I make an offer on a listing?
To make an offer, simply use the contact button on the listing page to start a conversation with the seller. When you two come to an agreement on a different price. The seller needs to adjust the price of the listing. Then you use the buy button and they will only accept your purchase. 
*We know this can be better and we are working on implementing a way to accept offers from direct messages. Please see our roadmap for timing. 
How will I be charged on eRacr? 

After you offer to buy a product, the seller has three days to accept your offer. Once they accept, the payment is facilitated. It is not complete till the buyer marks the transaction complete or after 14 days it will be marked complete. 
How does shipping work? 
At this time we have set up a link to a shipping calculator , where you can get an estimated shipping cost for your listing. 

We fully intend to integrate dynamic shipping pricing but before we do, we want to continue to work with sellers to discover their true needs when it comes to shipping simulation hardware. Please see public roadmap for timing. 
How does local pick up work? 

Arrange your pickup location and time through our chat. Please be safe with local transactions and do your best to keep all communication on our platform.
If I buy an item and it doesn't work or is not what I thought it would be? 
First please contact the seller, if they are not receptive, please contact eRacr support where we will evaluate your interactions with the seller and make a determination if your claim is valid. If it is valid and the seller refuses to reverse the transaction, and the product was an eRacr verified listing, then we may refund you the entirety of your purchase.
If it was not eRacr verified, we are unable to offer a refund, but we will help you to the best of our ability. 
Why should I sell my sim equipment on eRacr?
Until now so much of this community was spread across different marketplaces, forums and reddit threads. We felt it would be beneficial to be able to buy and sell with the community directly. We hope you will see between the eRacr staff and the vibrant community of helpful comments on products, this is the best place to make the most educated decision on buying or selling sim equipment.

Paying off the platform

Any payments done off the eRacr platform voids all of the buyer/seller protections. We do not condone sharing contact information to create conversations off the platform or to use different payment providers like but not limited to Venmo, Cash App, Paypal, etc. 

eRacr reserves the right to suspend any account that we deem to be using the eRacr Market in this manner.